Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pony Boy

He would definitely not like being called this, but I have no idea what else to call a relatively new friend. His most defining physical characteristic is his rather large and pronounced horse's tail. In SL, there are lots of people walking about with tails and animal ears and even nonhuman characters. At the center of Bay City, just outside the airport, one is likely to encounter the full spectrum of SL personalities and characters interacting.

It was at this crowded location that I first met him a few days ago. I had identified myself in my profile as a kinky, somewhat submissive elf and this does tend to get me a bit more attention of all sorts. And Pony could not resist having a go at me. At first, I didn't really like him at all. He was heavily tattooed, had a careless mop of hair and was an insouciant smartass from the start. He would have no idea what it is I just called him, but he could probably guess that it wasn't nice but take it as a compliment anyway. He had a way of really confusing the hell out of me and one of my early jokes was to claim that my neko translator must be acting up. He insists that he's not a neko, but he could so easily pass for one he might as well be.

His off-the-wall comments seemed to always keep me off balance and it was just difficult chatting with him. But chat we did, and he was trying to warm me up, and I suppose he succeeded because we did become friends after chatting the first night. The next night, it was nearly midnight when he appeared and asked if he could spank me.


There are many things about Pony that indicate that the person on the other end of the keyboard is quite young. The slang goes terribly over my head (malfunctioning neko translator!) and he is into a much younger genre of music. And most of all, his understanding of kink is not very deep. However, conversations reveal that he could be a fast study. Or that I'm a pushover.

His spanking animation consisted of text and sound with little movement of his avatar, so it was pretty harmless. It was kind of humorous, because this was an area where I held the decisive advantage as far as experience and understanding. In contrast to Daddy, Pony does inspire a more dominant side of me. I can see that I will probably be topping from the bottom on this one if it goes that far.

The next time I saw him, I was down town and he came skidding around in a small red car. Obviously making quite and entrance. We chatted for a bit and he opened by wondering why my arms were so big. Now you all have seen my avatar, I never thought of my arms as being big! So I gave him much grief about calling me fat. Of course, he probably suspected that there was a guy on the other side of the kinky elf avatar, so he was probably fishing to see what he could troll up. I think unleashing my inner feminine insecurities about my weight and shape may have convinced him. At the very least, it put him on the defensive as I accused of him of calling me fat. Once he decided to let go of his suspicions, he was most interested in talking about my kinky-ness. Meanwhile, he managed to play a variety of music, and after giving me a couple of dance animations we spent a couple of hours dancing up the street from where the action normally is. Somewhere in the middle, lag got ahold of me and caused my machine to crash.

Don't let anyone tell you Linux never crashes or freezes up. It does.

When I returned, Pony was off to the side talking to a bird named Dave. Dave never danced or moved much the whole time, but he did chat and give music to Pony to play. The kinky talk resumed in IM, while we gathered a small crowd around us, some also joining in the dancing. At some point, I mused aloud about inviting him to my dungeon to play. His un-neko ears really pricked up at that. I explained that I didn't build it so much as it was built for me. Daddy hasn't re-added me to his friends list but the place and the toys are all still there. Pity to have such marvelous toys go to waste! But not this night, as it was late. I left him wondering and intrigued after using my collar animation to give him a kiss which he enjoyed.


  1. Do you still blog, I hope? FKA Square1 from The Fanciful Muse. I have new digs now.

  2. 'PonyBoy'... ah, I remember reading THAT. A cult classic by S.E. Hinton. However, we all grow past those struggles in our search for something new, a better life, a more fulfilling destiny. I did. I don't want the old existence anymore. I found Jesus at 24? due to my accident. But some things never change. Just like our Wonderfull Saviour who can be anything YOU desire. Though I'm schtuck in this worthless, mortal body, fulla head injuredness, we will soon rise-up to be as One as She is One. Take all you wish, my friend. My gift to humanity are my NINE blogs. See ya soon. God bless.