Friday, October 23, 2009

Part 2 of Second Life: It Gets Better

I'm talking about my Second Life (SL). It would be fair to say that SL has upstaged RL for the moment, but that has been true many times before. This entire blog is a tribute to an online life that has often exceeded what was happening in RL. For good or ill, I've discovered the new world, and have enjoyed exploring it. As noted previously, I've been exploring my feminine side and it was only a matter of time before it intersected with my other interests. Ah, yes. Time for some chastity play!

There are groups on SL for male subs, but most of the SL BDSM scene is geared toward females as subs. I did visit a femdom club, but it was occupied by only one pole-dancing sub. she was German, but translation in text chat isn't a problem, except for noobs like me. And for some reason, whenever I visit a club, airport, hub or any sort of busy building everything lags badly. With traffic at over 60,000 people at any one time, SL can be buggy.

But the highlight of my trip was a place specializing in some SL BDSM toys. Oh. My. I was totally the girl in the proverbial candy store! I had the place to myself, otherwise a girl could get into some serious, serious trouble! One of the first things I sought out and spotted was a fully functioning chastity belt. It was ingenious in all of its various features. I did play around and enjoyed experimenting on my avatar, but it was more as a dominant than a wearer since I was operating the belt from the outside-in. This is largely how I played with all of the props and toys. As I said, a girl could get into some serious trouble in a place like this, since they are all fully operational. More on that later, when we explore the rest of the shop.

I purchased this fine chastity belt, and will be playing with its features more. I think I still have to acquire some additional features for my avatar to be able to take full advantage of the chastity belt features. I could get buzzed, which was fun to watch. But the stimulation and forced orgasm mode didn't really do anything that I could see from watching. Again, from my “internal” POV, it might be different. But I believe there are scripts for various levels of sexual frustration as well as orgasm. I'll be researching that more a bit down the line perhaps.

But there was more fun to be had in the stores. Much more. The first room that attracted my attention was the cage section. These comes in various styles and have various features that make them interesting. I suppose to a lot of people, being trapped inside of a clear box has absolutely no appeal, and in RL, it doesn't appeal to me that much. But these boxes have special functionality which enable the person who has the power to unlock the box to exert control over the person within it. And these were all fully functional and ready to go. A girl could get into loads of trouble here. And I did.

When gesturing (clicking) on the door, it automatically shuts, but a msg pops up indicating that it isn't locked because it doesn't sense anyone is inside of it. Another gesture opens it. That looked easy and simple. What could go wrong? I walked into a very simple cage and walked out, expecting the door to slam shut on me. It didn't, and I was totally able to walk back out again. That was easy.

Before getting into what happened next, I need to explain a bit more for those not familiar with second life of how an avatar moves within the virtual environment. You can walk, run, jump, fly and teleport. I love flying, and seem to spend most of SL time in the air. Whenever I find myself in a crowded place where everything is slow, lagging, boring or confusing, I first try to fly away, usually straight up. If you fly high enough, the computer lag generally lessens. If I'm stuck in building and want to leave quickly, I teleport to either a far away landmark or somewhere less congested on the map. you can easily spot where people are by looking at the map. hovering in the air and turning around enables me to also “look” around at who is close by. But I'm essentially looking from behind me, so I can see myself partially as well as what is around me. For things like aiming my bow, I use “mouse view” which is sort of a line-of-sight, but is very disorienting as it is hard to know the relationship between your own body and the space around you. You can look around, at least to what is in front of you, but you can not turn your whole body around. And then there is the view that I use for my pictures of myself, which allows you to go “outside” of your body and pan around yourself. It is this view that allows me to dress myself, activate my chastity belt and dominate myself. I have gotten into a few jams where flying was disabled, which i think is true for most clubs and certainly many other places and spaces. In that case, I was always able to teleport out easily enough.

So I walked into a fancy glass cube, and imagine my surprise when I heard the door slam shut, and suddenly I was in “mouse view”. Fortunately, I was able to esc out of that, and then I was given a menu that enable me to determine the locking scheme. I could allow anyone to lock and unlock it. Only me. Or to set a predetermined time of being unlocked or several other options. I chose “only me” because while I was keen for fun, I did not want some stranger walking in and deciding to avail himself. At least not yet. I tried to walk out, but I was locked in. Flying was definitely out, and teleportation was totally disabled. Oh dear. I went into the “out-of-body” view, and clicking on the cage offered me several options to tease or otherwise torture the poor elf girl inside. The pictures of these are the result of a command called “pose” and includes various submissive and sexual poses as well as some belly dancing. One basically has all sorts of control over the avatar within the cage. The only downside was that I wasn't really able to experience the submissive angle from this external view. But domming was pretty fun. After playing around, I wondered how I was going to get out. For I could gesture from the outside on the door and it would open, but as soon as I tried to walk out, the door would slam shut again. A part of me was wishing someone else might come along to rescue me, but there was no one else around as I had the whole place to myself. I eventually figured out a combination of opening/moving that enabled me to get out safely. Whew! But if someone else was around, a girl could get into some real trouble!

I think I might like to get into trouble some time. Anyone game for some fun with an elf girl?

From there, I looked at some other toys and furniture, and you can see various pictures of various poses with them. I think I need to remove my weapons, at least with the furniture, but the contradiction is kinda hot in its own way.

This was a real thrill ride that kept me up until 2 a.m. on a weeknight. But it was totally, totally hot. At least for me. Stay tuned for more episodes and adventures!

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