Saturday, October 24, 2009

Part 3: Hugging and Kissing Girls

I've been gradually getting bolder with this Second Life lark. I actually went and got a collar that has a lot of the same functionality as the chastity belt. While I have yet to feel very comfortable wearing the chastity belt around town, the collar is a different story. The collar seems to go with my outfit better, and I already have a lovely belt that is a better fashion accessory that goes with the boots, blouse and gloves.

I began researching the restraint methods used in SL, and it is really fascinating how they have made the control as real as it is. They have an add-on called a Restraint Life Viewer just for this sort of play, although it is also functional in other contexts as well. Basically the submissive gives up total control to whoever is topping. It would require about as much trust and communication as a RL BDSM situation in order for it to be fun for both parties. I mean, it is supposed to be a fun game, right?

My collar is the open source collar, and therefore free. However, I did shop around for others as I wasn't opposed to spending a few L$ to get a good one. So I popped into a store that was selling them. It didn't take long for me to figure out that 7000 L$ (Linden dollars -- $1 @ 200 L$) was more than I wanted to spend. However, I saw off in the distance a cute girl dressed in little pink cocktail dress who approached me and introduced her as the sales clerk, Lianne, and asked if I needed any help. I explained that I was pretty new to this and she began helping me. First, she showed me some free submissive outfits, complete with new skin, hair and body. I did pick out a couple but really wasn't sure that I wanted to change. I really liked my current avatar a lot. But like Lianne said, it's good to have options. She then asked me if I had an a.o. which stands for Animation Override. After she explained what it was, she gave me a copy of hers. OMG! It was absolutely cool! It basically deviates from the default animation and allows movements that you don't get in the default settings. My stoic, stiff elf was able to walk much more easily and fluidly. I had an absolutely kick-ass swivel to go with my kick-ass body! And when standing around, I shift into positions that are decidedly more feminine (and I daresay submissive) in nature.

However it was a bit odd standing there with Lianne, and now we have identical postures and mannerisms even though we looked completely different. The a.o. also had a couple of other surprises. They allowed me to hug and kiss! Lianne was the good sport and we had to work through how to activate this feature. Sorry, I never thought of taking a picture of that.

I expressed interest in learning the ropes, so Lianne personally walked me over to an adjacent building devoted to BDSM education and tried to help me sign up for a class on BDSM in Second Life. For some reason that script wasn't working, so she invited me to a third building which was a BDSM club. So we both sashayed our sexy bodies to the club. Once inside, I felt very much over dressed! Inside were several women who were dancing wildly on a huge dance floor. Lianne introduced me to her friends and we both began dancing by clicking on a certain object that contained code that enable one to pick from several different types of dances. The other girls clued me in to which choice that went best to the music, so I was gyrating along with all of them, while IMing.

There were jokes about being naked, with some getting naked or half naked and then jokes about my ears and being an elf. At that point a couple of them morphed into fairies, complete with wings. Naked fairies. I considered getting naked myself, but I was having some technical difficulties. for one thing, I could not hear the music. I later discovered that I had disabled music streaming in order to try to get more speed. And that was the second problem: lag. Anyone who has ever used any sort of “live” internet social application knows about lag and in SL it can be very, very bad. It mostly happens in busy places that have lots of people and lots of graphics. I have since learned how to decrease resolution which can help some, but at a bit of sacrifice with the visual experience.
The lag got so bad and so disorienting that I felt I had to teleport out. I can often clear things up by flying straight up high enough that there is nothing but sky around. But the club had a roof, so that was out of the question. Most of the ladies (maybe all of them) were employees of the club so I considered tipping them, but their minimum was 100 L$ which was a bit rich for my elven blood. I did tip Lianne, though, because she was so very helpful and totally earned it even though I never bought anything.

I did go back to the BDSM shop where I bought the chastity belt and played with the cages and gadgets some more. I and another girl played with some of the toys, but we weren't able to play together because the lag was so bad. I flew out and up and when I landed, there was another girl there, who was wearing a chastity belt. She explained that her mistress locked her in it and that she owned several types of cages. While we were admiring them, I stepped into one and shut the door and tried to get her to have a bit of fun with me. She explained that while she could, she didn't really want to as she was a straight submissive. I had never thought of that; that a submissive would just not want to even experiment with being a top, but there she was. She only briefly made the cage opaque in order to illustrate the point that she could if she wanted to. then she simply opened the door, said goodbye and teleported away.

Shoot. What does a girl have to do to get dominated around this place?

Bay City is my designated “home” and so I went went back there and walked/stood around. Several guys were interested in chatting me up as I definitely stood apart from the other citizens with my new A.O. I totally love watching myself swivel and strut. Even my flying is more feminine, fluid and less stilted. Plus there might have been a few guys that noticed the collar. But at 2 a.m. my time (those on the left coast were just getting started), I just couldn't go on anymore. So I quit almost in the middle of a conversation and a friend request. Oh well.

To be continued...

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  1. Hellos Again! You're making soo much more progress then I did when I began. Congrats! I'm also an SL mentor and you would be one of those that would make me proud.

    There is a lot of wonderful free items going around the grid, sadly one of SL's best BDSM item designer left the grid and she gave all her items away full perm some armbinders, chastity belt, collars etc. :)

    Here are a couple of blogs to get you going in the right direction. Make sure you have adult enabled when you go looking otherwise you won't find many of these things. (scroll down, she makes some great free collars for Open Collar)

    Happy Hunting, Teena Basevi