Sunday, October 25, 2009

Part 4: I Kissed a Boy and I Liked!

Whenever I click “Home”, I teleport to the Bay City airport, or if that is too full I appear outside. I prefer the outside, actually, as there isn't nearly the lag that there is inside. I seem to have a real problem with Internet lag inside of buildings. While it still happens outside, it is not as bad or common. If you hang out in the airport, it is a good place to meet and greet new arrivals, but it's a bad place to stay because so many people are rezzing in. You might be chatting with someone and suddenly you are both pushed away by someone teleporting in between the two of you. Or someone dropping down on your head.

As soon as I logged into SL, I purchased an Open Collar. While it has many of the same properties as the chastity belt with the various forced poses and other powers, it works with me better, fashion-wise. The one drawback to the collar is that it is a relatively small target that is usually obscured by my long hair. And I love my hair too much to give it up. So activating it is often a challenge.

I hung around town, but the lag there was awful so I went to my favorite bondage shop and tried a few more of their toys that I hadn't tried before, such as the doll cage. This was fun, but left me wanting for more variety. what I really needed was a noob-friendly BDSM place. Using the search function, I found the RLV Park. This was a literal playground of wonderful toys! While I still hadn't gotten my RLV to work, I was able to sample and try all the attractions and it was a lot of fun! The bottle dance, the bird cages, a wheel, crosses, hangers, stocks....they had a TON of stuff! This was noob friendly with the ability to try things out and I took a bunch of pictures. I had a blast! There was also a castle, but my trouble with buildings and closed-in spaces persisted here and I did not spend much time exploring the castle. Inside the courtyard there was a horse, which I sat on, but obviously had other functions that I never could quite figure out how to activate.

Most things were activating by sitting in/on them, hence my misuse of the pole. Getting out of them simply involved standing. Click the “stand” button and I was free...for all except one diabolical device, which you can see in the pole picture.

I did not use it until the very end. It was obviously some sort of cage with a tic-tac-toe front and a prism sort of back end and you can see it lurking behind the pole picture. It was only after exploring everything else that I opened the door and stepped in.


What you can't see in the picture is that there started a timer that started counting down from 500. That would be 500 seconds. That's a bit over 8 minutes to you and me. There would be no “Stand” button here. I tried to open the door, but of course it was locked. I could still fly but was still stuck in the cage. Well, this is what I came for! So I took a few pictures of myself to pass the time. This was all fun and going well, until the cage text-whispered to me (with over 300 seconds left to go) that I could play tic-tac-toe and it might even let me win! I couldn't answer or respond since I was in the middle of picture-taking and within about 15 seconds the timer stopped...and then totally reset at 500 seconds! ARRRGH! I tried chatting with the box, but it had gone mute, save for the timer. So I got a really bright idea. I would see if I could activate my collar from within the cage. And I succeeded! But the poses all put me out of camera range for my internal viewer. In other words, I could change poses but once the menu automatically expires (which it does in 60 seconds if you don't do anything) I could not release myself from the the collar and could not move. That's because I couldn't touch my collar from outside the cage!

Difficult to explain the logistics, but the short version is that I was very stuck. There was one way to escape the box, and that was to teleport home. But I was determined to try to see this through. My worry was that if the box whispered and wanted a response again, would I be able to? Would the box reset itself? As the timer wound down to less than 100 seconds, I felt pretty sure that it was going to open at zero. BUT, I was bound by my collar. If I didn't simply walk out, would the door re-shut and relock? Fortunately I was positioned in such a way that I could reach the collar from the open door, and that's what I did. And it worked...I was once again free!

That was amazingly frustrating but also amazingly thrilling! I could wax on and on about D/s psychology and probably will, but in a future installment. For now, I decided I would TP (teleport) home. I wanted some interaction with some other worlders. It was now after midnight EST, and it is about then that things just begin to really get going in the city. It's always a circus downtown, but it can be a good place to meet and greet. I was watching some of the various theatrics taking place when a VERY naked man, standing behind me, commented on my nice ass. And this man had a penis that was proportional but was growing more erect. I was not very turned on by that overture and so pretty much ignored him until he moved on to someone else. Yes, my ass is awesomely delicious but those goodies are not leaving the jar for some idiot who doesn't know how to dress himself!

I'm getting more into my female role, aren't I?;-)

Rather than wait for some fellow to chat me up (I wasn't having much luck with that this night) I decided to approach a few guys and see what could be done. Unfortunately I was too engaged to think about pictures, but will try to do better in the future. The street that was working comes from the airport so there is a steady stream of new folks coming out. So I began chatting with one gentleman who was new and was wondering where he could get some surfer clothes. I pointed him to the free beach market, hoping that there were surfer clothes there. I tried to friend him, but he tp'd out without answering. Or just ignored the request. But in the process a few other guys were standing around me, and I began chatting to several.

Annoying nOOb mistake #1: If you ask where a person (or thing) is from, that is fine, especially if you have a hard time with English. Taiwan, the Phillipines, Mexico...all good. I'll give a general indication like East Coast US or something. But any RL info beyond this just ruins things. I had a lot of boys who wanted to know my age. Okay, so foriegners might not know about how rude it is asking a lady her age. But asking a she-elf is even more dumb. I figure I don't look much over 350 years old, as an elf! But it is still annoying. So stop it!

Those of you reading probably have a vague idea of my age and definitely about the fact that this is fantasy role play, here. At least half of the hottest chicks in SL are not chicks at all in RL. So deal with it. If you chat people up in SL and expect a RL fling, you need to back away from your keyboard, unplug the computer, and then throw it out the closest second story window. Anyone who has ever seen Ghostbusters knows you don't cross the streams. (But of course, Teena comes along and totally proves how much *I* know!)

After attracting a crowd and making a couple of international nOOb friends, the crowd moved on and I swiveled into the airport. This isn't something I usually do, due to the previously described lag hell, however I decided that I really, really wanted to try out a couple of “couple” animations available within the collar controls. These include various types of hugs and kisses. I could select the type of animation as well as how long it would last from 10 second up to...well infinity I suppose. But to do this requires someone else around to do it with. so I watched as people tp'd in, many of them confused and bewildered and asking questions. I helped a few find places to get clothes or how search the map or find things. Lots of chatting all around when I “heard” (read) one:

Hey there cute elf!”

Now there was a line that worked. Afterall, he was the first guy who recognized me right off as an elf when I wasn't totally decked out with my cloak and weapons. I looked around and saw the character that said it, and it was a fully, nicely dressed guy. “Stand by for an animation” I typed back. And then I pulled up a regular 10s hug from the collar menu and engaged it. HA! He was absolutely floored. I wasn't so sure what to expect either. But I was able to see me wrap my arms around him and he responded by wrapping his arms around me and we had a nice hug. And he liked it. So I went for broke and went for the kiss. The kiss was a lot more awkward because the avatars don't really lock lips, but you can get the idea if you know what you're looking for. But I did have to explain to him that that was a kiss. And he liked it. So I experimented with a couple other animations, like the jump hug and the subhug. These were very nice! “I need to get myself one of those collars!” he exclaimed after I told him what I was using to access those features. I told him I was self locked and the I was experimenting around when he asked, “self-locked?” Good thing I didn't go for the foot-licking animation right off.

At that point I realized that this guy had no idea about BDSM. Okay, so I gave him a brief explanation of what the collar did as far as control. If the keys were given to someone else, they could compel me to do those things I had just done to him along with other features I didn't get in to at that time. We spent quite a lot longer chatting than what I had intended and desperately needed to go to bed in RL. So we friended and I told him I might let him have a go with me later on, and he said he'd like that. I left him with another kiss (which he said he was hoping for) and quit for the night.

It was already almost 3:00 a.m.! So I got into bed and fell asleep fairly quickly. But woke up at 5 with a huge hard-on that needed relief.

Yeah, he did try to ask my age but I totally blew that off with the whole elf-year thing. And he didn't press it, as I imagine he was pretty blown away by the experience. He had been on SL for 2 weeks or so he said. This is another reason why asking personal questions is pointless because you can't believe most of what is said. The whole idea is to be someone else. It's a sort of acting, where the virtual world is a stage and one can enter and exit and play a part in a huge drama. I this case, I lay an elven woman...a very horny and playful wood elf!

Am I relishing the role too much? Well, the staying up so late is sort of disturbing, but it doesn't seem to be getting to me too badly. I do look forward to SL time, in large part because my job has gotten so much more stressful than in the past. I look forward to escaping from that pressure, and role play allows that to happen. On the good side, my late night snacking has sunken from probably close to 1000 calories to zero. My weight is finally NOT increasing and is actually coming back down. I can't really snack and play this at the same time. And I don't feel the need to, as I am totally engaged. Watching a movie is so passive, I was eating HUGE quantities of food while watching SG-1 episodes on Hulu. It beats Facebook and Farmtown. It beats Youtube. It beats blogging. Sorry guys. However, as you notice, it does actually facilitate my blogging with this new storyline. I'd rather keep the SL storyline for a bit, without delving into the RL one too much, if that's okay for now. I'll keep updating, whatever happens. I do enjoy the writing and didn't realize how much I missed the sex blogging until reactivating that activity here with this.

Now I just need to get my RLV to work with my stuff and I'll be set! I think I'll make this airport guy a secondary keyholder while I can retain the primary role for now. I'll probably like to have several secondaries before deciding if and when one of them can have the primary key set. And while he seems to be game, he's new (and so am I, in a way) so it will take some time to sort it out.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where I ridden hard and put up wet!


  1. Interesting. It's probably a good thing for me I really didn't get into Second Life much at all... I had it on a laptop at home for a short time, but our Internet connection combined with the age of the laptop and the small amount of RAM made it too frustrating too do much (lag lag lag!). I gave up on it pretty quickly.

    The thing I had tried out with other bloggers a year or so ago was actually Google's attempt at a smaller-scale SL -- I think it was called Lively.

  2. It probably is a good thing, FTN! But it's never too late! Yes, the lag can still be bad. I notice that it is much worse on Windows than Linux, even on the same machine.

    It is a cool place to things!