Friday, October 23, 2009

Second Life


Holy Cow.

If you look at my post on my other blog, you'll note how little is happening in my real life. It's little wonder that people get caught up in a second life.

I remember when FTN had hosted a blogger Second Life meet-up, and I can't remember why I never got into it. I have the first verson of The Sims and did enjoy that quite a lot. But it fell out of favor, even after adding I had recently thought about introducing my oldest son to the Sims, but almost as soon as we started, I noticed I had forgotten about those game mods, so I'll have to uninstall and reinstall it before the kids get it.

I finally reached level 34 on Farmtown, which is essentially the top level, at least for the time being, so I was looking for something else. For some odd reason, I thought I might give Second Life a whirl. Second Life is supported by most modern Linux distributions, and since I'm a modern Linux user, this was simply groovy. Wait...

Now I remember why I wanted to try Second Life; it was because my Real Life has been dragging. Second Life enables one to be whatever they want, and I was wanting to be someone different. Much different. So when I chose my user name, I chose very carefully in order to leave my options open. I went for a very gender-neutral name, so I could switch back and forth at will. I also initially chose an elf avatar, which proved to be a wise choice, since switching genders doesn't involve much work since elves tend to be more feminine than any other race, anyway.

And I totally enjoy being a she-elf. I look smokin' hot, without looking overly slutty.


So many of the SL avatars are mostly undressed, and you can tell these are probably guys doing what I'm doing – seeing how the other half live. So if you have an in-world wife, do NOT ask or investigate their RL identity! Enjoy the fantasy for what it is: fiction. Because your hot SL wife/girlfriend/lover is a RL middle-aged guy named Melvin.

or Digger Jones.

This is fiction but it is really fun fiction.

I did get some more feminine clothing and skins for my avatar, but I totally enjoy the elven look. The hot elven look.

Armed with my bow and Celtic sword, I can be strong and imposing on one level but there's no mistaking the softer features and assets. Oddly, I get chatted up more when I'm brandishing one of my weapons. Perhaps the guys feel less threatened when a woman them. The horse/pony tail seems to be a bit of a tell. And the club owner who tried to hire me to dance at his place was flattering. And then there's the vampire who is trying to recruit me. If I was into that, I could join a group devoted to elven vampires.

So many possibilities.

And then there are the places devoted to the Scene. You know of what I speak. A place where I could explore those sides of me I've revealed in my archives. Heck, it might even give me something to blog about, since RL isn't providing anything in the way of drama or interest.

There's more coming!


  1. Just letting you know I do still read you. I read, and my mind's a muddle as to what to say. You deserve a lot of credit for your resilience and courage to keep going. Seems the elf thing might be just what you need. After seeing LOtR I very much enjoyed the thought of being like Aragorn, 1/2 human and 1/2 elf. It helped me through the last days of my marriage, pre-divorce.

  2. (hi I'm a lurker of your blog since well, goodness, since you used to be digger)

    Welcome to SL, I've played now for over 2yrs and I love it. I was vanilla outside SL until I met the right person, I now live in a 24/7 D/s relationship with a man I met thru SL. Just make sure you realize that although you may want to keep RL and SL seperate the feelings caused in SL are real and there can be consequences, some very good and some heartbreaking. Good luck! and if you ever need a hand making your avi over, just yell :)

  3. You're right, Rosie, in that LOTR did inspire me in my avatar. I've always liked that fantasy genre and originally was thinking I might do some sort of gaming along those lines. But slutty elf won over warrior elf!

    Welcome Teena! Well, I do know the feelings can be intense and I do need to be mindful of that. It's part of the thrill, but keep in mind that the gulf between the 2nd life for me and RL is vast, indeed. I'm not a woman, but I think I play one good enough to fool most any man. I think you will totally enjoy and relate to this story as it unfolds...or unravels!