Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

When I logged into SL, I thought that all I needed to get the RLV going was an RLV relay. Don't worry, it sounds as geeky to me as it does to you but I really wanted to get this thing going. I learned that it isn't necessary to have one to play, but there are some good reasons to have it and I'm still fiddling with it. And this tale and the pictures that go along are totally NSFW, so you have that to look forward to when you get home. In the meantime, disable the pics from your RSS and enjoy!

The search for an RLV relay was successful in all respects but one: it didn't make the RLV relay work. But it resulted in the biggest SL thrill ride I've ever had!

I logged in and went straight to the store where I could pick up the free software, and therein they had a bunch of other merchandise that was still quite a bit out of my price range. At first I took a wrong turn and end entered a room that had some cuffs and gags that were interesting and some upgrades and some sort of dormant robot that didn't interest me. I walked back to the teleportation room to find a rather large-built bald-headed tattooed man standing in there. We stood for a moment looking at each other, not saying anything. This happens a lot in SL, where people think about whether or not they want to talk. Often we/they don't. But as he walked into the room I had just walked out of, he said hello, and I said hello back. I followed him and we made some idle chitchat about how interesting the things were in the room. For some reason he wanted to IM instead of using a community voice despite the fact that there wasn't anyone else around. Odd, but he helped me learn to use and manage the IM feature in order to make conversations more private. A useful tool in some circumstances. We'll call this guy...Daddy Leather. Not his real name, but a bit descriptive. I told him what I was after, and immediately went back out the room. I followed and there was another room across the way with more fun toys...cages and restraints! Yum! I eventually found the item I came for, but it took awhile because I was distracted by the cages and talking to Daddy as we were sortng each other out. He commented on how new I was to SL and I realized he had read my profile so I read his and he'd been on for over a year and was a member of several BDSM groups. He had obviously been around the block a bit.

I described myself as leaning toward submissive with a bit of a dominant streak. As it turns out that dominant streak seems to be very, very faint, at least in the presence of this man. he seemed to know that I was looking for something fun, safe, respectful or at least that's what he said he was into. He said he didn't believe in torture or humiliation or acting against the woman's wishes, but wanted to treat his lady like a lady. Egad! He was REALLY good!LOL! He knew exactly what to say and I totally slurped it up! While talking, I moved around him, so that the cages were in view. During a lull, I jumped into one, and the timer was set for a minute or two. When it was done, i jumped into another cage which lasted another 1-2 minutes. He then jumped on a 5 point restrain device which held him for a minute or so. But somehow it didn't look right, him being restrained like that. But his point was made that he was willing to give along with the take. I then jumped on a funny looking rack which restrained me.

This was all delicious fun for me but I could tell he was wanting something more adventurous. Out of no where he produced a couple of floating little balls, blue and pink. He asked if I wanted to try it and I clicked on the pink one and it proceeded to sink me straight underground. I was watching this from 3rd person perspective (I'll just call it the 3rd eye) and saw him activate his ball and he sunk into the ground. By clicking “stand” we reappeared. As it turned out that wasn't what was supposed to happen, but it seemed odd to me as I was trying to determine what he was into. He then offered to teleport me to a different place and after friending him thought “Why not?” So away we went!

Here there were a variety of little toys, as well as a lot of other people/creatures going at it. In case you don't know, you can be anything in SL. Anything at all. the current favs seem to be Neko/cat people and vampires with various crossovers between the two. Lots of things to see and do! I located a familiar item: the stocks! so I slipped into them and locked down, and Daddy promptly got behind me and slipped into me! Yes, he fucked me. And before this story is finished I will have been fucked many, many times and even given birth to some offspring once. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm just saying that if you are not up for tales and pictures of my hot elf-person getting fucked many times over (as well as the word 'fuck' itself), stop right here and move on! You've been warned.

After fucking me there we looked around some more. He invited me into the barn. I was wary as I was getting affected by lag and hate enclosed buildings for that reason, but went along with him. And there was something I had seen before: the horse. He asked what I thought, and I was game, so I went ahead and succeeded where I had failed before. Yes, I got fucked by a horse. Don't gets worse.

But first it gets better! I noticed that the longer we were at this place, the less clothes Daddy was wearing. His shirt was off and he was down to his breeches. So I commenced to disrobe topless as I was feeling totally over dressed in this place where almost everyone was naked or nearly so. Then those glowing balls just magically reappeared and I clicked mine, he clicked his and then he was fucking me from behind again and this was totally, totally hot, hot,hot!

Daddy had also acquired a hard on, all the better to fuck me with! So at this point, I dispensed with most of my clothes, except for the gloves/belt/boots. And the collar. He said I might be interested in this big blue rock thing, and so I jumped in

and was promptly fucked by this giant robot that also delivered shocks that had me screaming with ecstasy.

Yes, there was sound with this animation as well as with a couple of others so that I'm being ravished rather noisily by this machine.

I put up with this for a bit, but got bored and stood out of it. At no point was I ever really trapped. So I jumped back into some stocks and waggled my naked butt and Daddy responded by fucking me again.

I'm not sure exactly when I did it, but I made Daddy a secondary keyholder for my collar. I still kept myself as primary, as I couldn't say that I knew the guy even though he had fucked me several times and watched me get fucked several more. He thanked me and I proceeded to attempt to express my appreciation and adoration by giving him a big ole jump hug. It sort of would look like he was fucking me standing up while I straddled his waist. But you know what he did? He turned me down! I was kind of disappointed in that, but now understand that he was asserting his dominance in a way. He was never, ever less than caring and respectful. Maybe he would wait until he became my primary keyholder before grieving me, I don't know. But he did know what he was doing. Next, I saw a cage, and just had to pose inside of it. It wasn't all that fun, so I wondered what would happen if I posed on the box outside the cage. Daddy was always close by and he finally took that opportunity to use my collar to use the leash function.

I found the leash to be surprisingly and amazingly hot. He drug me around for most of the night with that leash, and I totally loved it. That leash put me into subspace like I couldn't believe. Perhaps I'll extol on SL subspace and my own feelings on subspace, but I still have a long story to complete. Maybe later.

Daddy took me around to other amusements, where I was fucked by a giant ape. Then he took me to be fucked by this man-zebra.

This man-zebra had his little script and I had my animation, where I was screaming in ecstasy while being fucked hard and repeatedly by this beast and his huge dong, While Daddy watched intently while holding my leash.

Getting fucked by the zebra was okay, but after about 5 minutes and at least 3 sessions of being filled with this equine's spunk, I stood out of it. It was okay, crazy and weird, and different but I was ready for more. Mostly for more being dragged by Daddy. I also took advantage of a big dildo stuck in the ground which resulted in his exclaimation “Man, you are a horny little bitch!” Ha!

The lag in this place was getting awful, but the leash was actually very functional in keeping us from getting separated as we each struggled to move properly. But the leash spell is broken by teleportation, which we each finally had to do. He then TP'd me into a new dungeon with new toys. Notice that I was dressed again as I had previously tp'd back into the city. I was releashed and he lead me to a contraption that hung me spread eagle and proceeded to spank me.

It's only now, when I look at the pictures that I notice that erection getting bigger and standing straighter! So that gives me an indication of what he likes. Anyway, the lag here was absolutely atrocious. I rezzed in and out several times after standing out of the restraint but could never stay so I went back “home” which seems to be a relatively easy transport destination. Once there, I went to the store with all the glass cages. Daddy IM'd me and asked where I was and told him I was at one of my favorite stores. He invited me to invite him, so he Tp'd in. when he looked around, he said “I've been here before!” and before I could do anything else he jumped into one of the glass cages. He happened to choose the peek-a-boo cage which is a very diabolical device which had nearly trapped me. This one had been somewhat tampered with, and I wasn't able to play with him while he was inside of it. In fact, when I tried to open the door for him, it sucked me in, too! I think he might have activated the leash on my collar. I have no idea if one can do that, but there we were. He said he was stuck and I remarked that so was I and that were stuck with each other! Haha! He then said he had to TP out, so I did too, back to bay city.

What took place next was a little chat exchange about my clothes and how I looked. I had other looks in my inventory, but didn't use them. He offered to TP me to a clothing store. so there I went and then decided to see if a different look would please him more.

That gal wearing the tiny purple number is me. I still got the elf ears, thank goodness! He then leashed and dragged me around the store, much to my delight, and started looking at totally BDSM outfits. He seemed to be into boots. And these were thigh high boots with massive buckles, locks and other controls. And they also cost several hundred L$. He commented that as my master, he would support me and promptly dumped 5000 L$ into my account! Wow. So Daddy was a sugar daddy! I promptly bought several boots that he seemed to fancy in various colors, only spending a small portion of the fortune he had given. In RL terms it was about $20 he unloaded on me! I proceeded to deck myself out into a totally new slut/sub look.

The lag got awful and it was time for me to log off and get RL sleep. It was then that I realized the source of many animations emanated from his watch. Right after that picture was taken, we fucked one last time, and it was totally hot even with terrible lag. I tp'd back to the city and flew high above. I had to check out this thing in my inventory. There it was...the baby I had given birth to

..a zebra! Or a horse. Or robot-ape. Or Daddy isn't what he appears to be. Maybe I need to get on Maury Povich and do a “Who's your Daddy” episode!LOL!

More to come.....


  1. This is a little weird. I had heard of Second Life, but I wan't aware of the potential it has. Quite fantastical. It's amazing how fertile the imagination is, especially in the sexual arena. You've chosen a relatively safe path.

    You always had three options: divorce, affair, or live with your situation. It seems you've chosen the 4th option: online fantasy. I hope lines don't become blurred.

  2. Well, hang on to your butt, Aphron, because this will be a bumpy ride!

    But enjoy it. SL is indeed a total rush when it comes to this sort of fantasy. Yeah the lines can and do often become blurred. It was surprisingly easy to slip into this role.