Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Being Done

The next time I logged on, I redid my look, putting on a pair of those boots I bought using Daddy's money. And sure enough, they have many of the same animations as my collar, so I enjoyed that. I then went shopping for awhile. I had been cruising many shopping/BDSM sites for quite awhile when Daddy IM'd me. Did I want to see him! Yes! But even more I wanted him to see me!

He teleported me into a store where he was, and the leash automatically appeared. That thing quickly gets me into subspace, as he drags me around the store! Funnily enough I had been to this place earlier in the evening.

The first thing he noted when he saw me boots. And yes, they were pretty awesome, but he is definitely a foot/boot guy. Everytime we go shopping, he goes directly to the extreme footwear section. And promptly dumps 2500 L$ into my account! I'm not much of a fashionista, but footwear has got to be one of my weakest areas. And now I have a Master who is generous but wants some major investment into footwear. And then that means coordinating the rest of the outfit with whatever I put on my feet. I have no idea how you girls do it, especially if you don't have a sugar daddy of your own!

But make no mistake, it was a lot more than just looking at my boots. He choose an odd looking chair and I draped myself over it. And then he was fucking me pretty much every way to Sunday!

And this went on for a long time. Now this was fun for quite awhile, but it did go a bit long, IMO. But I tried to keep up. If you look at the background, you'll notice the sex rooms and furniture. That is where he leash-dragged be next, and this was a bit more my style where I could be tied and bound while he fucked me. After a bit, I figured out how to work the bed and was able/allowed to change positions and was able to even follow all the fucking with some nice cuddling.

It was getting late, and I had to go, but he showered me with a gob of money and then TP'd me to another BDSM shopping place which specialized in, you guessed it, boots! But they also had collars and restraints, so I was pretty good, I did buy a few pairs of the “Fuck Me” boots. I guess I'll find out if they live up to their namesake!LOL!


  1. That is a hot outfit. I rather like Daddy's also (or lack of.) Could live without his tat, but his ass out there - is waiting to be bit. It is a little scary how realistic the poses can be. Suddenly having a Sugar Daddy seems rather fun. Do you think it is more interesting then being a subby guy with a Domme? Rosie

  2. Well, Rosie, SL seems geared toward females as subs to both guys and other women. I have seen a few sub guys but very few. In fact, SL caters mostly to female characters as there is a far greater variety of skins, clothes and styles available for them than men. At his point, I would say I'm enjoying being a sub to this sugar daddy much more than I might be with a Domme at this point. Daddy does exude dominance which goes along nicely with my submissive look and play.

    He does appear to be rather extraordinary all around.

  3. Does Arwyn know about SL? Are you having to pay for a subscription?

    I have to admit, this is pretty interesting. In my naivete, I'm a little surprised that this is out there.

  4. Arwyn has a vague awareness of SL, as I have done some of it while she was around. But it is totally not her thing, this type of gaming. She's more into mahjong and spider solitaire. Of course, the sex happens when everyone else is in bed and it's fair to say she knows nothing of that side of it.

    Second Life is free for a basic membership. You can subscribe for a monthly fee but I don't think too many do. However, the clothes and boots and all the stuff I bought does translate into real money. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it could be. I exchanged $10 and that's it. Of course, my sugar daddy kept pouring money my way and I felt obligated to spend most of that on sexy outfits. But it's possible to get your avatar decked out nicely for the price of a McDonald's happy meal.

    C'mon in, Aphron! I invite all my blogger friends in-world for a group orgy!