Friday, November 13, 2009

Being an Elf

Honestly, I sometimes wonder how you RL girls do it all! It is such a bother changing clothes and making sure everything matches and is coordinated and then there's making sure the collar, boots and cuffs are on properly and locked...such a chore! But perhaps it's a bit of an artistic way of self-expression. This, I can relate to somewhat, and that is really what having an avitar is all about.

The next time I logged on, I was not in the mood to be submissive at all. Daddy has a way of bringing that on, however irresistibly, and this night I wanted to be an elf warrior princess, again. So I put my old elven duds on, and Tp'd around Bay City and other points. I made a couple of purchases for my elven side, including a new Elf Warrioress costume that is sexy, slutty and hot! The bad news is that I cannot wear a cloak while wearing my collar. Or if there is a way, I need a clue about now.

I also purchased the Elven Ring of Power, Eliste. it is a massively cool ring that enables me to do a bunch of neat little effects, including summoning a dragon, summoning fish, arrows, fire, a flying pig, a giant fish, various emoticons as well as rez/unrezz and do stuff with other objects. It is totally awesome to emit fire, ice or just a shower of snow or flowers or all of the above at the same time. I'm not sure what I can do to other people. I tried it on one poor girl/dragon and I might have TP's her into some sort of endless void. She interpreted it as being kicked out and was able to come back, so no harm. I just need to be careful, and try to find someone to practice on. Daddy is an awfully good sport and might go for it.

But I wasn't terribly nice this time out, essentially taking my IM off the hook so he couldn't tell when I was online. I suppose he could have still IM'd me, but he didn't and I didn't IM him. I just needed some time to explore on my own and be a she-elf more that a slut-elf. For what it's worth, I ended up going back to slut mode when I met this girl at the BDSM shop. She insisted on seeing my elf-self and then showed me her dragon self. She wasn't much of a dragon, actually, more like a baby dinosaur. And she was talking through a translator and gave me tale of woe where she was rejected by humans and dragons alike and felt very alone. What could I do, except give her/it a hug? No wonder she wanted to see someone more elvish than human.

I then went back to the city, after changing back into my submissive elf-self, and chatted a bit with Airport Guy. Remember him? But he was hanging in the airport, which is lag-hell, and even I ended up getting kicked out eventually. But I think I'd like to try him out a time or two just for fun. Perhaps I'm too promiscuous for a SL relationship like what seems to be going on with Daddy.

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