Friday, November 6, 2009

You Always Take Me to the Nice Places

I usually only get to be in Second Life on the evenings, but I did have a chance to login on a Sunday afternoon, once. And sure enough, Daddy was online! It made me wonder how he could afford to be online so much. We actually IM'd across the vastness of SL, me at my favorite toy store, and him wherever he was. Basically we came to a simultaneous agreement and pact that whatever happens in SL stays in SL. He made mention of having to be careful because he had kids around, so I know he has mitigating things in his own life. Or I suppose it could be a “hers” which I would find most amusing. I mean he does show a bit concern over fashion, changing his look and colors a bit more often that I would normally be inclined to do. Also, while he enjoys fucking me and eating me and occasionally spanking me, the domination isn't very heavy handed at all. And this is probably a good thing overall, as I see just how submissive I can get. But the locking collar, cuffs and boots...he really does not avail himself of the various features of each of these hardly at all, outside of the leash for the collar. I find that just a tad irritating, but it's just a bit. I made him a secondary keyholder that first time, and retained my own primary role and he's never pressed for anything more or even the keys to the locking boots, which he essentially paid for and picked out for me. These aren't huge things, but just little tells. Nothing to get bent over, and I figure he has other girls online that he is doing just as much as me. He definitely knows the ropes!

We did have a chance for a brief little session, when he showed up wearing a blue cape, and we went to a dungeon which had all sorts of various toys and props. I think my favorite was being nailed while tied from the pole. The bondage and animations all hit my buttons very nicely.

He had to go offline for awhile, so I amused myself by playing with some of the toys and then to my other favorite place to play some more with their toys, including a few new ones.

After that, I decided that I needed to change outfits, especially the boots. I did a bit more shopping for red outfits. He came online while I was still trying to put my outfit together, and when he TP'd me to his location, he was also “dressed” in red! We went around some sort of gothic building and engaged in a little play, but this time he was lagging very heavily. I was also having trouble keeping up with him because I wasn't leashed. The encounter concluded in the bathroom, of all places, where he fucked me from behind while grabbing my hair. It really was absolutely hot. I used that line from Unfaithful, where Diane Lane's character is being fucked in the bathroom by her young lover (while her friends are just outside having lunch) and she sighs into his ear, “You always take me to the best places!” Daddy didn't quite get it, but it was still totally hot until SL totally froze us in that position. And that was the end.

Well, I did decide to visit a club that I had visited during my second visit to SL that I hadn't really blogged about. Back then, the place was under construction and I met a guy who was doing the building and we chatted for a bit. This night, when I went back, there was actually less development in the area, but there was a club with an American flag out front. There were all sorts of “Help Wanted” signs out front as I walked into an otherwise deserted club. Inside there was some shopping spaces as well as the club area with a bunch of poles presumably for the hired dancers. Each had a tip jar near it. I went up and availed myself of the pole and became an instant pole dancer! Ha! Perhaps I could have a career in SL after all!


  1. Walking up to a pole and being able to pole dance! -- I want one of those. HOT. And it's really interesting to enlarge the pics and see all the details. There is one picture where the way you are looking at Daddy is so sensual. Again so HOT. I wouldn't trust myself in SL, and I don't have the time.

  2. It was really hot, Rosie, being able to instantly move like that! There is a definite hotness with the details of all the aspects of second life.

    Yes it is definitely a time sink. You can save yourself a lot of time by just reading me and living it vicariously!LOL! I'm a couple weeks behind in posting, so this story does take on some real soap-opera-like qualities. I hope it works for a reader as well as it does for me as a writer/actor!

  3. pulling hair and of course the scene from Unfaithful very hot indeed I have to agree.