Sunday, November 15, 2009


My fascination with trying out a bit more of being an elf continued when next I logged on. I actually started out at my favorite BDSM mall, which has been functioning as my home base as of late. I was hanging upside down on a light pole, while looking for elf clubs to join and places to go. So when I TP'd to an elven village, every time my avatar moved, it did a cartwheel as if it couldn't decide which side was up. The residents were exceedingly friendly and welcoming but I had to go back to the mall to see if I could fix my cartwheel tic.

When I first logged on, Daddy was not on, but by this time he was and he IM'd me, asking what I was up to. I was literally just hanging out tied to the pole. He then said he had something for me. Well, if there is one way to hook me, it is with curiosity. And as it turns out, I had something for him, too. I had the RLV working in my Windows partition. So after a few minutes, he gave me a TP invite and I was off!

I landed in a place that at first looked like an arctic version of some of the clubs we had been to. I could hear a fire crackling in the background and Daddy was there tottaly dressed in white. He was totally upstaging me, fashion-wise!

I looked around and the room was filled with wonderful bondage toys. So I figured this was what he had for me. But he had more. Much more. He alluded to this being our place. Our house. And then dumped 2500L$ into my account.

I was flabbergasted and shocked.

I should have done some sort of fainting animation, because it's exactly how I felt. SL realestate is not necessarily cheap, and it certainly isn't free. I've never really looked into it that much, because I always figured that I would just be wherever I would be. He had clearly put some effort and resources into this place. And a great deal of thought as to my tastes. All the furniture involved being tied and chained, with all sorts of fancy and in-depth animations to go with it. I begged him to leash me up and give me the tour, which he did. And then we tried out a few of the fun toys.

Oh, and the place is on the water with a yacht. Yes, there is a yacht involved. He spared no expense, here!

It was wild and exciting. He was pleased with the RLV, but it does have some trade-offs. For one thing, the RLV makes me a bondage/chain magnet. After strapping me down and doing me, when we got up I could move but my collar chain wanted to stay fastened to the toy. It's as if it is always looking for a place to get hooked, and this place had plenty! Another problem was that since the RLV only works in my Windows environment (there is a version for Linux, but I haven't gotten it to work) I am subject to enormous amounts of lag. Many of the poses and sessions were absolutely hot, but the lag was robbing much of the atmosphere. Walking, moving talking...everything in ultra-slow motion!

He finally said he had to go, and I had to go, too. But after he left, I could not resist looking everywhere and trying out all the toys and investigating everything. Plus I played with my elven ring. The snow made a great backdrop for many of the animations and effects.

I'm still in a daze over this development. Things are kinda moving fast! In about a week I've gone from being a total nOOb to being a kept woman! Daddy has never been anything but kind and generous. I'm lucky in that I could have ended up with some sort of griefer who could have abused me. While Daddy does know much more about Second Life, he's apparently new to a lot of BDSM. He commented that he was getting a lot kinkier since meeting me. He also didn't know what a RLV was, which is a pretty standard feature on most BDSM equipment. Before he left, I promoted him from secondary owner to primary owner of my collar, so now he has pretty much as much control as he wants. It will be interesting to see how he exercises it.

Feelings: a lot of astonishment that this guy has apparently sunk a lot into our relationship, such that it is. I am totally flattered by the attention that he lavishes on me. And yet, I wonder if he's really assuming the role or if he's getting a bit deeper into it than I would like. I see this as role play and thought he did too, per an earlier conversation. I think he would say that he is, but if so he his truly playing it masterfully! Because he is playing like a man who is becoming smitten with me. Either way, it seems that I'm playing my end of it to the hilt and like it. But when does it become less of a game and more damaging or dangerous? Am I going too far in messing with this guy's feelings?

These are things I'm thinking about, as well as my need for sleep. Leading a life plus a second life is a lot of work and takes a lot of time!


  1. I had to look up the meaning of RLV, but then I know little about SecondLife. Have you shared a safe word with Daddy? He dumped a lot of money on you. I think the typical girly thing that would occur would be to 1) buy more clothes, etc. and 2) do some decorating of the house - like some plants, things for the walls, rugs, etc. But then what do I know? I am just a girl who thinks it would be fun to have some loose change thrown my way. Purely for the fun of things. Just to buy sexy things.

  2. It was a heady experience, and that is, indeed, what I did. I tried to buy sexy outfits that he would like, and it was a bit of a thrill to be a sort of mistress or kept woman. I never felt the need to use a safeword with Daddy. I figured I could just create a new account or quit or whatever. I would have cause for pause about this, later.

    RLV=Restrained Life Viewer. It is a special SL viewer pretty much just for BDSM play. When worn by the sub, it allows the owner to have a LOT of control.

  3. It's quite interesting reading your journey in SL. It seems that you are seeing things from the other side. I would be curious to know how many are on SL for similar reasons as you: dissatisfaction with their sex life. It still seems that it could pose a problem for certain people. I'm sure you are keeping things in perspective. I can understand your need to fill the void.

  4. It is interesting, Aphron, to wonder. I do think many do choose this as an an escape from whatever. It is a chance for a new life of a sort. And it is true, that I do get a chance to see more of the female POV, here. It is a role that I think I have gotten very good at, I think.